Six Rules On How To Select Topics For Academic Essays

There are many steps that you need to go through for the successful completion of your academic essay. However, many students have a tough time on the first and intermediate step: deciding an adequate topic for their academic paper. In this article, we will discuss the six rules to follow to ensure that you select a good topic for your paper.

Rule 1: Notes

Although you may a good idea on what topic you want to base your academic paper on, it is still a good idea to go through your course notes. You may find a topic that you did not remember and seems like an interesting area to research in and write a paper on.

Rule 2: Interesting

When choosing a topic, you must ensure that it is something that captivates your imagination and mind. Many students choose a topic under the pretext that it is an ‘easy’ topic to write about, or because they lack ideas and just choose a topic everyone else is writing about. Without sufficient interest, you may lack the motivation and will power to complete your paper to a high standard.

Rule 3: Research

Many papers will require you to incorporate research and sources to support your viewpoint and/or to further analyze. If you choose a topic area that is obscure and lacks a lot of research, you will struggle to find the sufficient amount of research to put into your work. Thus, when deciding on a topic, it is always good to research whether or not it has the research you need to bring into your work.

Rule 4: Unique

Although this is not as important as the other rules mentioned, it is always good to write about a unique topic, as opposed to the 100th paper on the same topic that your professor will see on the day. Ask your fellow classmates to see what they are writing about.

Rule 5: Literature

To make your topic relevant, you may consult the latest literature in the topic area you are interested in. This means that your topic will be based on the latest cutting edge research.

Rule 6: Consult

If you are still stuck on deciding which topic to choose for your essay, then it is recommended that you seek further assistance. You can consult with your professor for ideas, or even writing agencies online.

If you follow these six established rules, then you will not have a problem in selecting a good essay topic for your paper.