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Getting topics for a public transport essay is not going to be easy. The suggested topics below will be helpful if you are required to write such an essay.

Top 10 Topics For a Public Transport Essay

  1. Why You Should Use Public Transportation
  2. In this expository essay, you will explain the meaning of public transportation. State the means of transportation used and also give examples of vehicles used for public transportation on roads. Also, discuss the benefits of taking public transportation.

  3. An Essay on How Public Transport Benefits People’s Health
  4. Public transportation contributes to a healthier lifestyle by helping people to increase their level of physical activity. Individuals have to work from transit stops to their destinations when they use public transportation. Highlight how physical activity can reduce the risk of health conditions.

  5. Importance of Public Transportation in Cities
  6. Businesses, schools, and recreational centers are mostly located in urban areas. Explain how the public transport system is an essential part of urban settlements. Public transportation supports economic activities in cities. Also, it makes life more convenient for citizens by helping them to reach their destinations.

  7. How to Improve the Safety of Passengers Using Public Transportation
  8. Despite being economical, public transportation has its disadvantages. In this expository essay, discuss the drawbacks of public transportation such as overcrowding, lateness, and robbery at bus stations in some rare cases.

  9. Contributions of Public Transportation to the Economic Growth of Nations
  10. Besides provision of employment, public transportation is important to the growth of a country’s economy. Discuss other ways through which it contributes to economic growth.

  11. Improvement of the Public Transport System
  12. Provision of means of transportation to the public is essential in cities. Despite its numerous benefits, it has some disadvantages. In this essay, provide solutions to the shortcomings and discuss other ways to improve the system.

  13. Effective Public Transport System
  14. In this descriptive essay, describe a perfect model for public transportation. You can cite examples from public transportation in developed countries such as German and Danish cities.

  15. The Impact of Technology on Public Transportation
  16. Discuss the technological advancement in public transportation. Point out how technology has improved the public transport system and make predictions for the future.

  17. The Future of Ferry Transport
  18. This is an expository essay on the use of ferries for public transportation. Discuss how this transportation system can be improved for better services.

  19. Hygiene: An Important Factor in Public Transportation
  20. Buses used for public transportation are often overcrowded. Such a situation can impair the health of passengers. Discuss how improved hygiene can enhance the public transport system.

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