Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

Before you put pen on a paper to write that insightful, persuasive speech you’ve always dreamt of, you need to find a suitable topic. It is the first thing every reader checks before deciding to read further. But is picking an exciting topic easy? No. Therefore, this piece is to help you with persuasive speech topics and ideas to consider.

What is a persuasive speech?

In a persuasive speech, writers try to convince the audience to accept their point of view on a subject. They do so by backing their claims with facts, evidence, and examples. Thorough research is needed when writing such speeches. 

That aside, a persuasive speech should always have a captivating topic that automatically generates interest. The theme should, however, be something you have high interest or knowledge about to argue convincingly.

Things to consider when choosing a topic

When selecting a topic, consider the following factors.

  • Knowledge about it
  • It is easier to write a speech on things you are familiar with or have in-depth knowledge about. You take less time to prepare and research.

  • Interest 
  • Your interest in a topic determines how dedicated and importance you attach to it. When something directly or indirectly affects you, you attach passion to it, and the results are seen in your writing.

  • Consider your audience
  • Having an interest in a subject is not enough to write a great piece and have it read. What if nobody reads it? Choose something that resonates with your target audience. The topic should be relevant, based on current issues, and somehow controversial.

  • Visualize
  • Your topic should be able to create a pictorial view of the subject in the minds of the audience. 

  • Relatability 
  • People should be able to relate to your topic to trigger their interest in the essay. Therefore, after defining your audience, research on things that interest them. It can be about their community, gender, religion, affirmative active, health, and alternative medicine, among others.

Persuasive speech topics to consider 

Below are some interesting topics you can choose from for the next persuasive speech.

Animals and pets 

  • Should animals be taken from their natural habitats into zoos?
  • Adoption vs. purchase of animals: which is best?
  • Should people be allowed to keep wild animals?

Business and economy

  • Does outsourcing production to other countries hurt the economy?
  • Are business owners isolated from the real world?
  • How Covid-19 will destroy most economies


  • Should boys and girls have separate classrooms?
  • Should students be allowed to use phones during classes?
  • Is higher education a necessity?
  • How do we stop bullying in schools?


  • Should governments place extra taxes on surgery drinks for health purposes?
  • Should school cafeterias only offer healthy food to students?
  • Are fast-food joints a contributing factor for obesity?

Law and politics

  • Should the voting age be reduced?
  • Should drug addicts be given medical care than being sent to prison?
  • Should law enforcers continue to use torture to retrieve information from suspects?
  • Should governments completely ban all cigarettes and tobacco sales?


  • Will technology create massive unemployment in the future?
  • Should social media have age limits?
  • Has technology created more connection or isolation?