18 Captivating Topics For A Winning Research Paper In Computer Science

All over the world, there are computers that are changing lives. There are people whose lives have become better thanks to the advancement in the use of computers. If you are taking up a course in computer science, perhaps you understand by now how important it is for you to do this course. You might already have your career path planned out, and how you will use the skills that you have learned so far to impact on the lives of those around you.

The following are some topics that you can use when you have a research paper to write in computer science:

  1. Discuss the long term challenges that are associated with living in a world that is overrun by technology
  2. Explain how kids under 12 years are growing up differently in a technology world than the college students
  3. Explain how social media has affected the world of computer science, with respect to learning new things
  4. Discuss how computer science can be applied in counter terrorism
  5. Is there a problem or a solution to the fact that computers and technology are constantly advancing faster than we can grasp?
  6. Discuss the moral challenges of genetically engineering your child
  7. Explain how digital learning is making life change in our kids
  8. Discuss the problems of technological advancement with respect to productivity in the work place
  9. Explain the extent to which the development of new technology will have a negative effect
  10. Drones are the in thing at the moment. Highlight some good uses to which they can be put into effect
  11. Through technology, it has become very easy to track different items while in transit. Explain how this process works
  12. Discuss the social impact that computers are having on lives all over the place
  13. Explain the challenges that we will face as a society in the near future, as a result of constantly depending on computers to solve problems for us
  14. Discuss how algorithms are used to match people on dating networks
  15. Explain how important computers are to the educational setting, and why we cannot do without them at all
  16. Discuss an elaborate timeline that covers the evolution of personal computers over the years
  17. Explain how computer programs have made work easier for architects
  18. Discuss the challenge of having refurbished computers in the market